Sarah Maginnis is a content creator, law librarian, and aspiring developer and designer based in Nashville, TN

Sarah Maginnis was born and raised in Tennessee, where she continues to reside with her husband and son, their cat Erso, and an ever growing pile of unread books. She loves coffee, outer space, dark chocolate with red wine, the mountains, and good books. When her nose isn’t shoved into a book or her manuscript, you can find her at Vanderbilt University where she is a Law Librarian for Reference Services and a Lecturer in Law. Her fictional works are currently written and published under a pseudonym.

Coding, Development & Design

Sarah Maginnis is working on breaking into a new career in the tech industry as she incorporates more technical skills into her librarian career and then eventually transitions from an academic law librarian to a full-time coder, developer, and designer. She will be sharing her insight, education, and tips on this blog in an attempt to create an open environment where everyone can learn!

Evaluating Paid Parental Leave Policies in Higher Education & Academia

Librarians love serving on worthwhile committees so it should be no surprise to anyone reading this post that I leapt at the opportunity to volunteer to serve on the Parental Leave Subcommittee in Fall 2020. The Parental Leave Subcommittee is a subcommittee of USAC, the University Staff Advisory Council, Vanderbilt University’s staff advisory group to administration. The purpose in forming the Parental Leave Subcommittee was to evaluate Vanderbilt University’s current paid parental leave policy for staff, with the goal of preparing a proposal to present to administration on how to improve upon Vanderbilt’s current policy. My service on this committee became even more timely and relevant when I became pregnant with my first child in September 2020.

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Words of Wisdom for the Graduating Class of COVID-19

I taught my last class of Advanced Legal Research for the Spring 2021 semester yesterday (and what I hope is my last class of teaching in the middle of a global pandemic). Even though Advanced Legal Research is research focused, I thought it worth my time and my students’ time to impart some words of wisdom that is applicable to not just the graduating class of 2021, but also to all of us who are hopefully soon going to emerge from underneath the veil of the threat of COVID-19 and head back into the “real world.” So, for all of you out there who are ready to graduate from COVID-19, this one is for you.

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